Menadzer Ko., production and Services Company, privately owned, founded in 1994.


Company has a clear development vision, doing business profitably with continuously growth. Its strategic development is focused on continuous investment and monitoring new technology in particular telecommunications, printed media and WEB, which enables faster, more efficient and cheaper admission, data processing and data delivery. Our main activity is admission, data processing and commercial placement of various information’s, for both legal and private parties. VAS SMS and Premium rate services are new steps in our development.


The company is founder and publisher of printed editions of ads papers "Mali Oglasi" since 1995. The company is founder and publisher of interactive WEB edition Mali Oglasi.


The company is co-owner of Novi Krov d.o.o. from Belgrade, who is publisher of printed editions „Krov Oglasi“ and „Auto Oglasi“, and two interactive WEB editions Krov Oglasi and Auto Oglasi.


Menadžer Ko. has 12 full time employees.



Kralja Alfonsa XIII 49a

78000 Banja Luka

RS, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Tel.: + 387 51 333 500

Fax: + 387 51 333 533


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